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Draw With Me (Closed AU)

Roma sat in the back of the classroom, keeping to himself silently. He had started taking an art class, hoping he could be as good as his younger brother if he practiced enough. Today, they would be using a model to practice anatomy and see how the body works. Roma was a little iffy about it, considering he would have to see a complete stranger nude, but if it would help him get better, he would do it. He just hoped he didn’t end up accidentally staring at something he shouldn’t.

The other students snickered and giggled at the idea, though Roma remained to himself as before, not even bothering to tell the others when the teacher and the model entered the room.

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    He yawned quietly and snuggled against Fia, nuzzling his face into his chest.
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    Used to being the first up, work or no work, Trucco made his way downstairs and cocked his head at the sight of the two....
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