Welcome... My name is Italy Romano. And my name is Spezzare~ As you can see, I've been through some... changes. I hope this doesnt effect your view of me. (( RP multimuse blog. The main muses are Ascended Devil!Romano and his snapped side, Spezzare. The others are in the tag list )) M!A Status: None Roma's Relationship status: Married to Fiaba and Arrigo as of March 10th Married to Stephano as of July 8th Spezzare's Relationship Status: Married to Leve and Married to Nocte


*looking at tuxedos*

*look who’s wedding is near*

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    *He sighs softly as hes dragged in. He stays by his side during the whole ride, gently running his bloodied hands...
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    [He flinches as the words are repeated back to him.] …..I guess not. If you want to, I guess. I….Ngh….Fuck, this...
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